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Busbar processing machine

  • Busbar processing machine
  • Busbar Processing Machine by NAMSUNG gets your work done 10 times faster with accuracy and lets you work in narrow spaces, thanks to its compact design.

Busbar Punching

  • Busbar Punching
  • Busbar Punching by NAMSUNG allows mass production work and once it's installed, you can move freely - either forward/backward, right/left, and up/down.

Busbar Bending

  • Busbar Bending
  • Busbar Bending by NAMSUNG allows bending, cutting, and punching to be done by 3 different workers simultaneously, quickening your work process by 10 times.

Busbar Cutting

  • Busbar Cutting
  • Busbar Cutting by NAMSUNG has compact design in small, low pressure type, especially appealing with the reasonable price and minium installation space.


  • Busbars
  • Busbars by NAMSUNG, easily carriable, enable workers to perform 4 jobs of cutting, bending, punching, and terminal pressing with just one machine on hand.
  • Company Profile

    Busbar manufacturer
    Busbar Manufacturer, NAMSUNG is actively taking parts in supplying functional Busbar processing machine to overseas market as well as domestic market.

    I would like to express my gratitude in sincerity to our customers continuous cooperation and concern since the establishment of Nam Sung Industrial Co. in 1976. We have steadily launched the products to satisfy user's requirement such as NSB-606 Multi-Processing Machine for Busbar, NSB-707 Panel Punching Machine,NSB-603 Multi-Processing for Switchgear Busbar and NSB-601 Compact ...

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